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  Outsourced IT for your small or medium sized business.

Consulting Services

Today's IT business needs have skyrocketed. Strategic planning and implementation are required to keep up with your competitors. Reliable systems and network infrastructure are mandatory to sustain productivity. Find out how High Road Data can help. Learn more

Systems Management

  • Server Integration
  • Desktop Management
  • Network Configuration
  • Data Backup/Recovery
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring

Product Development

  • Database Design
  • .NET Programming
  • Website Integration

What we do:

arrow Computer Networking
arrow Server Integration
arrow Computer Repair
arrow Wireless Networking

Supported Technologies
We offer support for a wide variety of hardware and software solutions, including:

   Windows XP
   Windows Vista
   Windows Server 2000
   Windows Server 2003
   Windows Server 2008
   SQL Server 2000
   SQL Server 2005
   Exchange Server 2000
   Exchange Server 2003
   Exchange Server 2007
   Active Directory
Symantec Endpoint Protection
Symantec Backup Exec
Sonicwall Routers
Dell Servers
Dell Workstations

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